Practice ballet walks

Be regal-fists down on Irish jump Colby Ann-pearl more poise throughout the piece facially


Walk on in light w/music

Alanine and gabby on paddle stage left-split tape. Pearl don’t cross ur legs! Be a ballerina.



Hazel when you come out with the 3 holding fabric-be farther left-kerchief group: leg  2nd then tight susu-

HILS/WOMEN: soutenu into circle with ARMPS OPEN 5th. 


Walk on in light w/music

More clap for Molly - spacing with Molly and Colby Ann

Super fun to watch


Colby Ann coming downstage for Irish phrase-lift body on the skips-done let that be porch party feel-this is all proper-on benches-keep skirts covering knees! Rachel too slow on arms going to 5th in soutenu.


MORE REACTION TO SCOTS Act curious and confused! You don't like them coming into your territory!

Keep reacting on table until traveler totally closes during the Scots meets Irish Dance. 


Saunter in! more confidence-separate yourselves from the Irish.

Marley Arabesque higher after fouetté's.

ending stronger



Smiles! Throughout the whole song. US LINES: more attack on first move.LINES SL: mid panel is the fartherest-darby can’t get there-s

-bow with releve- not together and make releve very strong and reverent.

highland is all about feet so show off that relieves



Olivia-sticks closer to the floor-

Marley/hallie set  caber more upstage0not the same plane as sword dancers. NICE ARMS AROUND THE CIRCLE!!! U guys are really swinging them


More confidence on entrance!!! Claire you look like you are not sure- explode with confidence onto the stage! Sarah and natalie-U R OFF ON THE ECHAPPE in the line! Ugh!

Super obvious:-(. Scotts much better coming into circle! Yay! You cannot have too much fun. Cannon line with bow is not center-space. Rachel ho come in equal to  curtain-we will space this . KICK BACKS-point you feet-Scots in DS clump- HIGH CUTS!

Fodders exit!!!! You are in the light-be a ballerina (Sara don’t just walk off like a person-) everyone performing until past the curtain 


Ella: eyes up in the beginning.  Have more fun! Ella turn knees out on skip hops. 

Very good exit! You all read your notes very well!


Molly and skirt on the scoot is the only note!

stay in the light

you guys look great

good job Scots



Put the paper down lower when Brenna straddles it.  

SPACE- section with Olivia is too far upstage and in the dark.  (we did that)

SR signing group: BE TWARDS THE WING!!!! 


King James army: you guys were off on movement and lines from the beginning-ugh! Scots don’t look backwards when walking backwards to climp- what could do u come up on with the shield after the corner clump. Light note: a bit too bright in slow motion section.


SLOW DOWN YOUR WALKS! You look like you are hurrying to a spot instead of telling a story!  Move in slow motion- front line going down to bicycle- you guys are just powering thru it with no attention to the story you are telling. We are running this pre show in costume.

EXODUS-running pre show for lighting

Dropyour head on partner circale comer. Scotts .  Light note.


Molly supend the penche battement-dont hit it 


Swing rehearsal-done reach for swing before you get there-nice solo Darby!!!! 

so much better everyone with feeling weight

suspend partner back to back lift


remember I  will bring the lights up first so begin acting in the blackout after you set your props.

Music will start after the lights and begin playing your instruments then



Natalie didn’t get up in first lift going to the still- line with the 2 lifts with the girls and the end, Riley lean over more to get her higher - set up the ha off section farther stage left- lift with revenuers? What happened? Pump the arms on the side-blaire you still stood up to early-carrying off Catherine (?) Use the upstage lane of the one the other group carries off Matvey-traffic jam. STILL -practice taking it off over and over-needs to be quiet and fast


Ella-get elbow farther from rib cage-swoop Rond de jambe (light cue) go deeper and smoother . Light cue: spin out after lift after izabella goes over-light cue count down 16 from corner-dolby Ann look nstiff going to last pose 


running pre show for lighting


Harper: after the text/singing it will go dark. Kevin will open the traveler for you a couple of feet. step through it upstage so he can see you and he will pull it slower so you can hide upstage of it before the lights come up.

Coal miners: the lights will come up after "1234" intro so be moving and ready

Switch leap entrance spacing-chaines to sides in two lines off in dance 2. Don’t run of like little girls when going into the wings-

Wait til explosion is totally over before you move and then move smoothly. On drip section no fast movement-slow and steady like life is being drained from yo-much more laborious. STAY STILL UNTIL TRAVELER CLOSES!!! Someone had their headlamp on at the end. (On stage left)


good-keep it up and stay in the light as much as possible


Baptism: not centered-smoother spin lifts-don’t hit the wing curtain-have more confidence in pony walk to center for final pose in dance 2- everyone looks insecure. Riley don't get too floppy on transitions.


Set benches quickly, efficiently without a sound-Stay in line on chasse out to center-stay downstage


Head switch on the foot move with the arm/fist (make head sharper and bigger) Irish step: don’t flip skirt up-just across (don’t show shorts) make sure you guys are helping Marlee catch Matvey!


On arm movement-izabella don’t go over so far on last movement-paddle tempos are off-go over with Molly


stand parallel  when bowing

don't clap for Molly (she know we love her)

you can clap only for choreographers and director. 

Be regal during bow but have loads of fun before and after!

keep up with the tempo, read the situation and stay together on bows!

Thursday NOTES
Table light lower

How do you hold skirt? Natalie don’t look down on pique fondu in line.

Jaynie head on skips-you guys loose your energy and smiles towards the end-be more flirty

Alanie and Mary Virginia-eyes up the entire time. 



Addianne -more stage left when you run downstage-hills and women when run in-arms 5th in soutenu together and sooner-walkers: circle; good! Dance on tempo-you guys tend to rush


Mary Lynn point feet in pas de chat until foot hits the floor you are flexing on the way down. Spacing? Molly curtsey to pick up a dropped fiddle if that happens


Olivia-watch dancers in center when on side of stage-paddle pointes -more confidence looking down stage-4 lines_pearls line get on the tape-rachels line not in a line going into center-alanine on table-look out and smile-last circle:soutenu arm to fifth-together and quicker-accent up


Rachel off on shake hops in beginning- JUMP on glissade pas de chat Scots!  JUMP-marlee leading run looks awkward-rachel ballet choe-coupe balloon section looks insecure-spots look stronger!  Ella smile. Scots need to look stronger throughout. you look tired by the end. Irish look solid.


Lydia-hold hands up!  Needs sooooo much power-hit everything-hitch kicks off in back corner-coffee grinder off in groups- commit to all the floor movement. head up on coffee grinder- FIST PUMP: accent out and strong, don't back off from it. Lines:crossing-lydia traveling too much on the start. make the lines clear as possible.  darby go DS of tree setting up with line. In PULL AND LEAP, it looks too passive when a dancer pulls one into the leap. Keep up the power-done back down. You guys should look like warriors

Slower lights up


Hit the floor with the sticks but control the power so you dont break them:-) more aggressive-sword dance not togerther-Sara off- spacing of swords-rachel put sword downfarther right-jump on pas de Basque-get Marley higher off drum-SL line  on tape? Lucy off drum-practice that reshow and pre run every time.


Sarah-skirt too high-energy and faces!!!! Have more fun Scots when coming into the circle and those standing by the drum-be more reactive  with eachother-sarah lifted skirt too high again before quoter section-claite pointe fee in 2nd jumps turning-kick backs tighter toes at end


When do you walk in? Find me and we will go over that. Scotts-fist pump- accent out-transition: washerwomen dancers after final pose begin moving out-the ballad dancers are walking in in silence so you can react to them in silence . dont wait for the music to start to exit. dont rush exit


Wait for dancers to walk into center?

Move together as one unit-angles are off- just be mindful

BLACK OATH - LIGHT storyline downstage

Hang back on walk in entrance Pearl/Sophia .-walk with same foot-be more of an angle-there will be silence- so take your time and Riley be ready-2 side lines not together- keep groups spread apart as much as possible


Lights up slow-hazer- Fade CountDWN

Lift - stay with Ashlynn til she is down-PRACTICE BEFORE EVERY SHOW. look at fist -army gets tired in final 2 lines-battement kick 90 degrees every time-lines! - go up slower t0 final pose-needs to be more cohesive on timing from slow motion to building wall. slower fist raise at very end. more contrast on slow against fast-and lights down slower


Lights up slow-Countdown for fade

Dancers keep working on quality-be specific with the strong movement but dont hit it so hard.

Ask me about that.

Drop your heads ALL THE WAY back! Use control-done over energize so much that u throw yourselves off balance-izabella-hair half up-light note on Molly- EVERYONE on floor- back line before slide-soften it up and slide down timing and accent is off, someone is doing an extra turn-getting off the floor before big formation: be much smoother -back line off in huge group-how do you get to the clump? Nat you did a knee bourrai-all grovel in-hand on head is distracting, can you give her your hand. WORK PRE SHOW EVERY SHOW


Olivia head angle on the flex in the beginning: match with Harper and Darby. - spacing: the two side groups are not mirroring each other specially, Scots be strong yet emotional. dont get too willowy.  Scots line: good.


Lydia-reach farther out to side when arms open to second in beginning of solo-no hops on turn- Molly-throw head back on before me-nobodys look at audience or relating/acknowleging them the trio looks insecure. - light note


Light/Tech Note-Light/sound as traveler opens-traveler opens so dancers can run at speed- light- fit in a swing rehearsal-not enough face-look passive and bored- a little smile? More energy towards each other-brenna don’t set up for harpers handstand so early-marianna you look nervous and worried-lay back off each other-nice Ashlynn-all the transitions need to be seamless-suspend the back to back lifts-feel more weight in movement. more relating to each other. dont look mean or worried. the face should be like you have secrets you want to tell someone.


set up faster in dark

dancing is good but keep working and make all the movement as big as possible


Warm up toss before every show. Sarah low spin to the floor-go lower sooner-light note on front SR lane when handing off jars-more side to side-claite to cartwheel to hand off-claire don’t stand so soon after cartwheel


Spacing off-space onstage-luck drop head back on solo-light cue run to lift spot-RUN THRU LIGHT CUES-


LIGHTS-oo light  in beginning-spacing on the 2 lines that diagonally cross move stage right as Olivia is dancing in the wing!-lean in from hips when facing each other, not flat back-kelly lift:twist-anguish pose- all be away running off stage-light note Olivia in clump-

clumps get in the light- SR group:more stage right- SL group more upstage-cue when harper comes out 


stay together on unison sections.


stay in the light


last pose-what happened? Straight knees on chaine-2 lifts Riley lifts someone-Riley go towards her so the lifts are not stacked on top of each other-hair bow on floor-be technical with your movement. dont be so floppy


Heard you guys talking in the silence-get the benches out faster-remember the pathway with fly away dancers that we fixed last night-done get too close to cya (the big white sheet upstage)  when behind bench, the wind makes it wave- It's getting cleaner- keep working


BIG SMILESSSS and mORE ENERGY IN THE BEGINNING- once you guys are out there for a bit you start having fun but you should have fun from count 1. Scoot hips back on footwork bridge-work your dresses on flat footing-watch Marley-sharper fist arm- keep everything tight and clear but with fun energy-done get sloppy or messy 


keep the emotion driving the piece-its getting there!