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ON FEBRUARY 24th and 25th at the Bijou Theatre, GO! will present the swashbuckling contemporary ballet, The Barbarosa! the full story of the legendary pirate Anne Bonny. The story of Anne Bonny, a 16th century female pirate who was "way beyond her time" will be told through a merging of ballet, modern, aerial, fencing and world cultural dance. GO! will introduce the audience to Anne as a privileged yet rebellious teenager who eventually turned to the seas for the rebellious life as a pirate.


Act 1 will take place in her privileged home in Charleston, N.C. where the audience will fondly observe Anne as a teenager of a wealthy merchant, where she constantly demonstrates her rebellious nature against the feminine role expected of her.  Dynamic and comedic scenes of Anne jumping on her bed, defying her maids and constantly wreaking havoc on the plantation will leave the audience enchanted with this young girl. Diverse choreography will include social dances of that era in elegant and elaborate ball room scenes as well as fun and fiesty fencing scenes where Anne discovers her favor of the sword.  Haunted by the memory and death of her Irish mother, Annes tempestuousness and vulnerability is revealed through emotional and soul riveting choreography.  Unyielding, Anne fully rebels against this privileged life and flees to the high seas.


Act II will follow Anne on her travels as a pirate with her best friend and co-captain Mary Reed and husband Captain Calico Jack Rackman. Life on board the ship, pirates will be setting sails and scrubbing decks. Dances with swords, buckets and treasure chests will depict the day to day life on board The Barbarosa, including expansive aerial work with swinging pirates in harnesses, spinning pirates on ropes and mermaids caught high above the ship.  The famous Chinese pirate Ching Shih visits Anne, bringing vibrant, cultural entertainment from Spain, Arabia and Japan. Upon their departure, the pirates of The Barbarosa have divided loyalty, resulting with a mutiny, the capture of Annes' loyal pirates and her tragic end.

A legend with many myths interwoven into truths, GO! will bring Anne Bonny to life  on the Bijou stage, explore this historical figure, show how her past shaped her present, and follow her adventurous yet ruthless spirit to her end.

Join GO!, it's artistic director, seven incredible choreographers and a cast of 40 dancers in their most adventurous contemporary ballet yet!  


Yo ho ho, it's a pirate's life for me.....


Tickets go on sale Wednesday, January 11, 2017.


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