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GO! reimagines this Lewis Carroll classic in a whimsical, contemporary style with eye-popping visual effects, gravity-defying aerials, and larger-than-life characters–culminating in a production of epic proportions!

Following the peculiar tale of Alice falling down the well, this ballet narrates her from chasing a rabbit to being captured by the Queen of Hearts. With the swirling smoke of Absolem to the spinning, crazed Hatter, ALICE never fails to leave its audience in awe. 

Under the direction of Artistic Director Lisa Hall McKee, ALICE was performed at the Bijou Theatre in 2012 and 2018. This ballet is a fan favorite of Go!'s repertoire. 
alice trees.JPG


2012 Photo GALLERY

Featruing Guest Artist, Jill Frere

2018 Photo GALLERY

Featruing Guest Artist, Harper Addison

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