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The Hundred Years War, 1428. We meet Jehanne at the saddest of times in French history, then see her become the greatest national heroine of France. A French peasant girl, illiterate and inexperienced in the ways of battle, Jehanne acted under divine guidance and led the French army in the famous Siege of Orleans, a victory that halted the English's attempt to conquer France, resulting in the crowning of King Charles VII. One year later Jehanne was captured and sold to the English and put on ecclesiastical trial, a trial that has become second in importance only to the Trial of Christ.  Charged with heresy, Jehanne was burned at the stake in 1431. She was nineteen.

Join GO! as they collaborate with costume, lighting and set designers to bring this visual labyrinth to life! See Jehanne in her lively village of Domreny, France, witness the breathtaking awe of her vision in her father's garden and follow her through her dangerous journey to meet Charles in the great halls of Chinon Castle, where full medieval festivities are taking place. Watch in amazement the great battle of Orleans, depicted through an intricate chess game, and revel in Jehanne's victory as France celebrates their heroine. Witness a fierce battle scene ending with Jehanne's capture and follow her courage, strength and resolve through her trial and her death.

Enjoy this in-depth historical and spiritual study of medieval times. With over 50 pre-professional and professional dancers, five choreographers and the mesmerizing interpretation of Jehanne danced by professional Harper Addison, you will be drawn into this time of spiritual and political upheaval. From large elaborate village and banquet scenes to the haunting scenes of her trials, you will leave inspired and inspirited by Jehanne!

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