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The Search for persephone, a mythological ballet




Lisa Hall McKee 865.539.2475,


January 13, 2021 (KNOXVILLE, TN) - GO! Contemporary Dance Works will present The Search for Persephone, a Mythological Ballet, one of the company’s most beloved and enduring full length contemporary ballets, streaming LIVE from the historic Bijou Theatre, on Saturday, February 20th at 7PM. Artistic Director Lisa Hall McKee, GO!’s team of seven choreographers and 55 pre-professional and professional dancers will bring to life the captivating myth of the springtime goddess, Persephone, and her abduction by Hades, king of the underworld.


Traveling from the goddess’ capture to her celebratory return, The Search for Persephone will be visually stunning with elaborate sets and costuming with the choreography incorporating ballet, contemporary and aerial dance. Throughout this two hour performance the audience will meet Gaea and Uranus at the world’s formation, fly with the nymphs in Artemis’s forest, dive into the aquatic world of Amphitrite, and seep down deep with the creatures and fates of the dark underworld.


“Greek mythology holds so much magnificence and mystery, offering endless opportunities for captivating choreography and movement,” states McKee. “Using aerial work and a diversity of choreographic styles, we are able to bring this tempestuous story to visual reality. It is also very educational, as students of Greek mythology will meet the lesser known mythical figures such as Amphitrite, the Nereids and Hecate.”


Julie E. Cox will be dancing the role of Persephone with Daniel Chait, former dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, will dance the role of Hades. “Julie and Daniel bring authenticity to both roles,” says McKee. “Julie danced this role in 2014 and has intimate knowledge of Persephone, her innocence, her vulnerability and her power. Daniel’s interpretation of Hades is theatrical brilliance. I have let them have full artistic freedom in developing their roles.”


This will be GO!’s second livestream performance this season using Stellar Visions, a local production company and Veeps, an online ticketing and performance platform. “Stellar Visions did an amazing job filming and live streaming our November performance from the Tennessee Theatre. The audience members felt incredibly connected to the dancers as never before with close up angles balanced with wider views of the stage and theatre,” McKee explains. “While we miss our live audience, our mission is to continue to present artistic work to our community and keep our dancers moving forward.” GO! has been back in the studios since August rehearsing under a new health and safety plan.


Live streamed on February 20th at 7 PM, The Search for Persephone will be available for viewing until March 8th. Subscribers will receive a streaming link upon ticket purchase prior to the performance. Ticket packages begin at $20 and are available at For more information, please visit or


GO! is a non-profit organization located in Knoxville, TN and has presented over 200 performances throughout East Tennessee since 2004. 

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