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The Hundred Years War, 1428. We meet Jehanne at the saddest of times in French history, then see her become the greatest national heroine of France. A French peasant girl, illiterate and inexperienced in the ways of battle, Jehanne acted under divine guidance and led the French army in the famous Siege of Orleans, a victory that halted the English attempt to conquer France, resulting in the crowning of King Charles VII. One year later Jehanne was captured and sold to the English and put on ecclesiastical trial, a trial that has become second in importance only to the Trial of Christ.  Charged with heresy, Jehanne was burned at the stake in 1431. She was nineteen.

Join GO! as they tell the incredible story of this warrior maid and her journey to the stake. Devised by our artistic director and joined in creative collaboration with five choreographers, GO! will present a powerful and expressionistic performance that will both awe and inspire.


Although the subject matter may be sensitive in historical reference,  all scenes have been designed to be appropriate for all ages.

Running time:

The performance lasts approximately two hours and 30 minutes including one intermission.



a visual labyrinth of medieval times,go! tells the story of Joan of arc

"These productions are challenging and innovative from beginning to end. The colors, the movement, the costumes, the story and, of course, the dancing are compelling, but it is the choreography that leaves me bewildered every time."

the Urban Guy

The Urban Guy

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